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Navien Tankless Heaters

Laundry Commercial Solutions

Laundry Calculator.xls (XLS — 152 KB)

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Water Savings Calculator

Water Energy Laundry Systems can dramatically reduce your impact on the environment and provide you with an exceptional finished product that exceeds even the most demanding quality control standards. Find out how much water you can save by answering the simple questions below.

Select your method of linen calculation:

 Water SavingsGallons of fresh water consumed daily using traditional laundering methods

: 0 gal

Daily net water use with a Green Laundry System: 0 gal

Daily water savings with a Green Laundry System: 0 gal

Annual water cost using traditional laundering methods: $0

Annual water cost using a Green Laundry System: $0

Annual water cost savings with a Green Laundry System: $0