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Navien Tankless Heaters

Laundry Commercial Solutions

Laundry Detergents & Additives

Laundry detergents, bleaches, break, sour, and fabric softeners for commercial and home machines. Available as a powder or liquid.

Enzyme Laundry Detergent

Enzyme active, Institutional grade powdered detergent.

Super cleaning power for removal of stubborn protein stains.

Use ½ to ¾ cup for each standard load. Excellent for use on

laundry soiled with food, grass stains and blood. Safe for all

washable fabrics.

*white powder

Laundryforce - he (High Efficiency)

High Efficiency laundry concentrate detergent.

Concentrated for institutional and commercial laundry

requirements. Excellent performance on light to medium

soil loads. Formulated with a balanced blend of surfactants,

soil suspending agents, and brighteners to aggressively

release trapped soils and stains while gently producing

clean and refreshing results. Safe for use in all types of

high efficiency and regular machines and on all washable fabrics.

Normal usage rate is ¼ to ½ cup per standard load.

*blue concentrate, Febreze type fragrance


XL Liquid Laundry Detergent

Extra heavy duty ¼ cup concentrate for demanding

institutional and commercial wash applications.

Concentrated to easily lift dirt and grease stains out,

producing a clean and fresh wash. All temperatures. All

fabrics. Phosphate free. May be used as a pre-spotter and in

auto-feed systems.

*green concentrate, floral fragrance


XXLAUNDRY DETERGENT: Built institutional and commercial strength. Designed with

alkaline builders to provide positive penetration,

emulsification and suspension of heavy soils in all water

hardness. Provides maximum soil removal. Built with water

conditioners, anti-redeposition agents and brighteners that

are combined with a special blend of non-ionic and anionic

surfactants. Perfect as a pre-spotter. Works well in auto-feed


Dry Bleach - 16%

Organic 16% active chlorine base dry bleach. Brightens,

whitens and destains discolored whites. Maintains a low pH

to help prolong fabric life. Stable in storage, gentle on fabrics,

easy to handle and safe to use. Highly soluble. Ideal for use in

automatic feeders. Use 1-3 ounces per load 100 lbs. of


*white powder

DRY-CHLOR 2: Similar to DRY CHLOR dry chlorine bleach but formulated at a DRY CHLOR available chlorine level. For an average 12-gallon home washing machine, put the detergent and laundry in the tub. Fill with water. Then add three rounded tablespoonfuls of DRY CHLOR 2 just as agitation starts, and finish wash in normal way. For badly stained fabrics, increase the amounts in the directions above. For bleaching fabrics by hand, prepare a solution by adding a heaping teaspoonful of DRY CHLOR2 to two gallons of water. For commercial laundries use 12 ounces per 100 pounds wash load. Color is white.

PACK: 100# Drum and 50# Ctn. Details:


*Dry Bleach - Oxygen Type

Oxygenated type dry powder bleach. Safe to use on most

colored fabrics(check label on fabric to confirm). Brightens

colored fabrics while it removes stains.


*white powder

LAUNDRY BLEACH : A heavy-duty liquid chlorine bleach with 6% available chlorine. Excellent for bleaching white cottons, linens, and some synthetic fabrics (check garment label). For commercial laundries add 6 to 12 ounces of LAUNDRY BLEACH for each 100 pounds of wash load.

PACK: 5/Gallon Pail Details:

Laundry Break

Concentrated alkali builder boosts detergent performance.

Conditions while providing heavy soil removal in hot or cold

water for maximum results. Will break down oils and grease

instantly while enhancing the detergent performance, resulting

in cleaner garments.

Formulated for use in commercial laundry systems.

*Clear concentrate

Fabric Softener

Concentrated liquid fabric softener designed for use in all

laundry applications. Used in the final rinse cycle. Not only

imparts fluff and softness to washable fabrics, but adds

improved comfort, ironing, drying and reduces static cling

without residual build-up.

*1:128 Dilution blue concentrate, floral fragrance

Laundry Sour - Liquid

Liquid laundry neutralizer. This laundry additive is designed

for use in the rinse cycle of commercial laundry machines.

Helps remove hard water minerals, metallic contaminants

and removes acid sensitive stains for efficient cleaning.

Provides skin-compatible pH and requires no further rinsing.

Use rate approximately 1 ounce per 50 lbs. of wash.

*clear concentrate

Soft & Sour

Neutralizes alkalinity. Concentrated and for use in all types of

laundry applications, improves softness and fluff to all washables

while reducing harshness and hardness from detergents high in

alkalinity. Regular usage helps in ironing, drying, and reduces static

cling in cottons, woolens, synthetics, and all other washable fabrics.

Soft & Sour promotes easier ironing, softer clothes, wrinkle free perma-

press, and helps keep fabrics looking new and lasting longer. No

residual build-up and non-yellowing formula.


*Opaque Pink concentrate

LAUNDRY PRE-SPOTTER: A laundry pre-spot and pre-soak especially effective on a wide variety of spots such as grease, oil, lotion, and cosmetic soil. For pre-spotting, use undiluted in a spray bottle. Spray directly on problem areas and rub briskly, then wash. For pre-soaking, add ½ gallon to a 50-gallon soaking tub (plastic trash container) and allow  items to soak. Wring solution out of linen and place in machine. Solution may be reused until heavily soiled. A small amount added to the wash wheel will help remove stubborn stains.

PACK: Cs. 4/Gallon Details:


HYDROGEN PEROXIDE An 35% all color safe bleach which contain no chlorine. Will brighten and remove stains from all washable fabrics. Can also be used as a laundry pre-soak. For commercial laundries, add 2 to 4 ounces of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 35% for each 100 pounds of wash load. Increase or decrease amount used depending upon stain load. This product should never be manually dispensed – always use with an automatic dispensing system.

PACK: 5/Gallon Pail Details: