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Sales, Service & Repair


Navien Tankless Heaters

Laundry Commercial Solutions

Install Fees 001

75.00 per hour per consultant

Price: $75.00

Install Fees 001

Install Fees 002

65.00 per hour per consultant

This Rate is for the in-house chemical customers.

Price: $65.00

Install Fees 002

Install Fees 003

50.00 This is for Rounding up

Price: $50.00

Install Fees 003

Install Fees 004

25.00 This is for rounding up

Price: $25.00

Install Fees 004

When you go to paypal to use your credit card please put in how many hours to get as close you your fee's charged by LWC.

We will do our best to keep the fees based on these numbers above.

Thank you again for choosing LWC for your consulting needs where

"We help you help yourself"