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Navien Tankless Heaters

Laundry Commercial Solutions

Hand Dishwashing:

SUDS POWDER Description: A top quality compound formulated with detergents and water conditioners to give exceptional performance at an economical cost. Excellent grease cutting capabilities. Use for washing glasses, dishes, utensils and other routine cleaning chores about the restaurant. Color is blue.

PACK: 50# Ctn., and 25# Ctn. Details:

BLUE SUDS POWDER Description: Get the most out of this workhorse. A compound similar to our SUDS POWER but priced to meet more competitive situations. Our most popular hand dishwashing powder has multiple uses. Start with ½ to 2 ounces per gallon of hot water for pots, pans, and dishes. Also try using BLUE SUDS POWDER for washing floors, windows and just about all-washable surfaces. Adjust amount of BLUE SUDS POWDER in your solution to meet the type of soil being cleaned. Color is blue. USDA approved, rated A1.

PACK: 50# Pail, 50# Ctn., Details:

SOLID POT/PAN Description: A solid encapsulated manual dishwashing detergent formulated to handle the heavy soils associated with pots and pans and still yield sparkling glassware results. This product must be used with proper dispensing equipment. Packed in plastic jars, which may be rinsed and recycled when empty.

PACK: Cs. 4/5# Jars, #226 Details:

BLUE LIQUID POT/PAN Description: A high quality liquid detergent. This ice-blue colored liquid is comparable to any of the popular, grease cutting "Dawn©" type hand dishwashing detergents. Use approximately ½ ounce per gallon of water.

PACK: Cs. 4/Gallon and 5/Gallon Pail Details:

AMBER LIQUID POT/PAN Description: A superior liquid detergent formulated for hand washing of dishes, pots and pans. Mild on the hands and economical. Can be used as a light duty general purpose cleaner. Phosphate free. Color is clear amber.

PACK: Cs. 4/Gallon and 5/Gallon Pail Details:

ECONOMY LIQUID POT/PAN: Our most economical pot and pan detergent. Available in pink with a floral fragrance; green with a lemon/lime fragrance;

PACK: 4/Gallon and 5/Gallon Pail Details: