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A powerful and cost effective control center

The EL-6 electronic control center is easy to use and ensures that the maximum productivity and the lowest cost of operation are obtained. The microprocessor controls the temperatures, water levels, speeds, and maintenance intervals. It can be programmed stand alone, with memory card, and with a PC. The EL-6 can also be programmed to display in many different languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French).The Advance function allows steps to be skipped the two line display shows the current step as well as the ending condition (time,temperature or water level).Incredibly flexible programming programs are easily saved with a laptop or a memory card the EL-6 can store up to 30 programs. Each program can have 15 cycles. Each cycle can have up to 100 steps.The total memory capacity is 400 steps, distributed among all programs.Programs are composed from cycles - cycles are composed fromsteps.Once a cycle is created, it can be used in many different programs.Service functions include: Total and partial programs executed, working hours,maintenance request interval, disabling the advance function, and more.The Cycles are divided into groups to help organize programs Prewash Wash Spin Rinse Unroll

Document Scope:

This document provides instructions on the EL6Windows programing software. This is not tutorial on writing wash programs, but information on transferring custom programs from laptop computer to the EL6 control. Please note that computer refers to your laptop and control refers tote EL6 control on the washer-extractor.1. Windows computer running Windows 98 or higher (Windows 2000, or Windows XP. windows vista work if you have a compatible USBserialadapter. Be prepared for problems with vista.).2. Available serial port (or USB to Serial adapter,p/n 141-102)3. Null modem adapter (p/n 141-100)1. Install the EL6 Win 2 programing software,available on CD or download from the B&Website ( . In order for your computer to communicate with the EL6 control, you must set up the EL6software to communicate on the correct serial port.To determine which serial port your computer disusing click: Start -> Control Panel -> System ->Hardware (tab at the top) ->Device Manager.Click the “+” next to Ports to expand the view.Example 1In Example 1 above, the port to be used is COM1.If the communication port name doesn’t show up,right click on the Communications port, then properties, then the Port Settings tab, then on the advanced button.