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Navien Tankless Heaters

Laundry Commercial Solutions

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1.        Fabric should be laundered as usual, post scoured and neutralized. Alkalinity may prohibit Goldshield™ 5 from attaching to fabric. PH of fabric should be less than 6.0 to aid exhaustion. We recommend Goldshield™101 nid, a compatible detergent with Goldshield™ 5. (see price list for information)

2.        Set temperature at 110°- 120°F.

3.        CALCULATION: Take solution of Goldshield™ 5 in the amount of 3% of the weight of the goods to be laundered. (100 lbs. of textiles would use 3 lbs. of liquid concentrate or less than ½ gallon). Take the solution and pour it into a separate five gallon pale and mix with warm water (80°-90° F) for ten minutes (10) to assure proper dispersion. Acetic Acid or Citric may be used to adjust pH if necessary.

4.        Inject solution of water and Goldshield™ 5 into machine. Hold temperature at 110° - 120°F. for fifteen to twenty minutes to provide adequate time for exhaustion.

5.        At end of cycle time, drop water. No rinsing is required.

6.       Application of Goldshield™ 5 can be checked by two means: Bromophenol

Blue indicator-indicates the presence of Goldshield™ 5 by a blue cast. If no Goldshield™ 5 is present, no color will form. (Method for making solution is attached.) pHydron quaternary Test Strips QT-10-these strips indicate the presence of a quaternary compound. These can be used to determine the effectiveness of the bath treatment. Use them as you would pH paper and read the amount of quaternary compound, if any, that has been left in the bath. Also, good for determining if any anionic surfactant would be necessary to add to water prior to release to city sewer. These test strips can be purchased from Fisher Scientific

Fabric can then be dried according to conventional methods

Special Note: The product will exhaust at low temperatures at the right pH. The procedures recommend that testing be done to insure proper application of the product which will cover the differences between liquor ratios in a paddle, jet , rotary or pad application.

For dyers and garment dyers -: TO PREVENT YELLOW COLOR IN FABRICS WHEN Goldshield™ 5 IS USED

To prevent the discoloration or yellowish of fabrics in the textile industry it is necessary to control the ph of the bath. Alkalinity may prohibit Goldshield™ 5 from attaching to fabric. pH